The Rockit (Baby Rocker)

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The Rockit (Baby Rocker)

The Rockit will keep rocking so you don’t have to! Created to help parents on the go, this handy must-have accessory keeps babies moving and snoozing. Simply attach to your pram or pushchair with our universal bracket, push the button and adjust the speed to gently rock your baby, just like you would. In fact scientific tests show the vibration level closely mimics the normal hand rocking of a pushchair and the subtle yet soothing movement is gentler than a pushchair moving over paving stones.

Rockit inventor Dr Nick Webb (PhD in Sound and Vibration Engineering) noticed his three-month-old daughter Abby would wake as soon as this motion stopped. He developed the Rockit to generate the same side-to-side motion so baby believes the buggy is still rolling along. Now you can stop for a rest and they’ll be none the wiser.


  • Use from birth
  • Tests have shown that the Rockit works for up to 60 hours on one set of batteries*
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • The motor is so quiet it won’t disturb your baby, or anyone else for that matter.
  • Universal fit for all pushchairs
  • Tested to the highest EU safety standards for ages 0-36 months+
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