Pushchair Accessories

Buying a pushchair can send you into a whole new world of technology and design and it can be hard to decide which model to invest in. Once you have made that all important choice, you then have consider which accessories you might need! Equipping your pushchair well will increase safety, add convenience and improve the comfort of your child so which accessories are essential and which would be a good investment to make your life easier?


A raincover is absolutely essential to keep your child dry in poor weather. Most pushchairs will come supplied with a suitable cover but if this is not the case or you need to buy a replacement, invest in a cover which is purpose-made for your model of pushchair to achieve the best fit.

Shopping Baskets

Always resist the temptation to hang shopping bags or baby supplies on the handles of your pushchair. This can destabilise the chair and cause it to topple backwards. If you are going to be out and about shopping, choose a model with a basket suspended under the seat or one which has the facility to add a basket. Ensure the basket is easily accessible as struggling to get your things in and out rather defeats the object of the convenience! Be careful not to overload the basket; most are suitable to carry around 2kgs.


Hoods are often included in the accessory package when you purchase a pushchair but if this is not the case then you will need to invest in one. Hoods protect your child from drizzle and bright sunlight. If you have a forward facing seat, a hood with a transparent window will enable you to see your child. Many now include pockets which can help with storage, some now even offer pockets for ipods and include speakers for your child!

Padded Harnesses

A harness for your child is essential and you might want to consider a padded harness for additional comfort particularly when your child is straining forward.

Bumper Bar

These sit across the seat and give your child added protection and something to lean forward against but should not be used as a restraint. Some models include a tray which children can use to store toys or their bottle. Models which swing out are a good investment otherwise you will have to lift your child over them to get them out of their seat.


Footmuffs are an insulated pouch for feet and legs, a bit like a sleeping bag, which are a good idea if you are likely to spend a lot of time outside in cold weather. There are universal styles which are suitable for all pushchairs or bespoke models for specific buggies which are shaped for an exact fit to the seat.


If you do not want to bother with a pushchair hood in sunny weather, a parasol will shade your child from the harmful rays of the sun preventing sunburn and overheating.

Buggy Bags

For those who do a lot of travelling with a pushchair, a buggy bag is a good buy to transport the chair more easily. Simply fold the chair, place in the bag and carry the bag like a case. Bags are available for many models of pushchair and you should buy one for your specific model for the best fit and ease of use.

Seat Liners

These offer the opportunity to personalise your pushchair with funky designs and colours whilst protecting the pushchair against toilet accidents whilst your child is in the seat. Liners are fully washable and can be universal or purchased for specific models of buggy.

The Choice is Yours

There is a mind boggling selection of accessories for your pushchair and they will all make life for you and your child a little more comfortable, safe or convenient and thus are all worthy of consideration. You can help yourself by choosing a pushchair with a good bundle of accessories included and you'll probably find that investing in some other extras will really make life easier.