Bugaboo Buffalo

The Bugaboo Buffalo is the brand new, all-terrain single stroller intended for release this September 2013 in the UK. You'll be able to buy it in our independent shop in Croydon, Surrey.

Designed for carrying heavy loads, it can cope with up to 23kg in total, which is great for taller/heavier children.

The main features of the Buffalo are:

Two-wheel position for sand and snow

To handle trickier terrain like sand and snow, there is a specific position you can put the pushchair into, which sits the smaller two wheels above the ground. This makes the Buffalo much easier to control.

Spacious and easily accessible luggage options

You can add an extra storage compartment to the handlebars of the pushchair which can hold up to 6kg. So this is perfect for anything you need to keep close at hand. Bugaboo says it will have official safety certification (the first of its kind) which allows such a weight to be placed on this part of the frame. The shopping basket at the base can also hold a lot, up to 10kg.

One piece foldable and self-standing (with carrycot and seat) for easy storage

Storing your Bugaboo Buffalo away is not a problem either, with a simple one piece foldable action to collapse the structure (seat unit or carrycot still attached) and put away. As it's also self standing, this keeps the pushchair clean and makes for an overall far more enjoyable time with your Buffalo.

Extendable sun canopy for extra protection against sun, wind and rain

To keep your little one safe from the elements, you can fold the canopy down further than usual, for maximum protection.

From infant to toddler

The Buffalo will be suitable from birth with the carrycot.

All-terrain suitability

Rugged, large tyres and a sturdy chassis mean the new Bugaboo can handle all types of land.

The name might not roll off the tongue with finesse, but the Bugaboo Buffalo glides on any terrain; taking on beach, forest and cobbled streets with enormous ease. This makes it the best choice for parents who like to explore the world with the newest family member.

Much like the Bugaboo Donkey, the Buffalo can handle heavy loads but the Buffalo is slightly lighter at 11.9kgs. Bugaboo Buffalo appears to combine the best elements of the Donkey and Cameleon, and adds some new super features too.

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