Kiddy Car Seats

Kiddy car seats a wonderful choice when you're looking for safety above all else. Kiddy have excelled in producing innovative car seat designs that protect your child. Kiddy's own Impact Shields and Shock Absorbers are all features you can expect as part of a Kiddy car seat. Buy yours here at Baby Nest, from our website or over the phone.

Kiddy Guardian Pro 2

The Guardian Pro 2 features all the benefits of the previous model, except with superior safety. The seat uses high performance material called Honey Comb (v2) in the head and shoulder area, which provides even greater side impact protection without restricting the childs view. There is also a unique adjustment mechanism which expands the seat both in height and width simultaneously by a simple squeeze of the handle on the back of the seat with just one hand.

Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro

The Kiddy Cruiserfix, also known as the Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro adapts to your child's body dimensions in height and width. So it ensures that from the age of 4 to 12 years, children sit comfortably and ergonomically correct at any time. At the same time it connects to all vehicles that are equipped with the isofix.

Kiddy Guardianfix Pro

We also stock the Kiddy GuardianFix, which is also known as the Kiddy GuardianFix Pro. It's an isofix version of the Guardian Pro 2, which means that it's permanently attached to your car so safer for everyone. The Guardian Fix features the Kiddy Impact Shield which allows for 'rolling over' of the upper body in case of a collision. Childrens' delicate cervical area in therefore less strained than with conventional seatbelts. As well as this, for age group 2 upwards where a 3-point seat belt is used, the new Kiddy Shock Absorber means that your child is safer than ever in a car seat. It absorbs the braking energy acting on the seatbelt to protect your child from high impacts.

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