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Keep baby up high with the Bloom Fresco Loft highchairs. Bloom's Fresco Loft range of baby products and highchairs provides you with all that you need for your newborn baby.

Bloom Fresco Loft Highchair

When a baby comes into the world, it's a moment of pure joy. The arrival of that tiny bundle is one of the most unifying and special moments that a parent or family can experience. There are so many things to consider when a baby comes into the world that it almost boggles the mind. You need bedding, clothes, furniture for the nursery, highchairs, prams... You have to cater for the baby's every possible need to make sure that their arrival is as smooth as it possibly can be.

Feeding time for babies and toddlers can be a difficult one for mums and dads. Babies struggle and get cranky when it comes to feedings and they aren't always receptive to their parents making them sit still for more than five minutes at a time. That's why new parents need a resilient highchair to keep their babies still when they need them to be.
Bloom's Fresco Loft Highchair is a very different sort of baby highchair because it's made to withstand a lot of use and wear over the first year or so of a new baby's life. Bloom highchairs represent the more modern approach to making baby products; not only are they modern, but they are bit with incredibly specific functionality in order to provide a high quality baby highchair for both the parents and the babies that they love.

Using a modern design gives the Bloom highchair a remarkable point of difference to other highchairs on the market. The shape is moulded to give full back support to the newborn and it can be moved into three different shapes to provide the necessary support for everything from newborn to 36kg toddler. You can make the Bloom Fresco Loft highchair a cradle for the newborn, but you can also make it into a feeding chair to keep them secure at the table when feeding; as they get a little older, it can even become a play chair. There are some really great features to the Bloom Fresco Loft that allow you to adjust the seat and the highchair into any position you like. Bloom Fresco Loft Highchair specifications:

  • Complete rotation with a 360 degree swivel. Pneumatic assist allows you to drop and move the Bloom Fresco Loft as needed. Adjustable height adjustment means that you aren't limited to static positions for the highchair.

  • The seat can recline as needed. You can adjust it up or down depending on how active or sleepy your baby is feeling.
  • You can purchase a leather upholstery for your Bloom Fresco Highchair in different colour options. This adds extra comfort and keeps the baby even more comfortable.
  • 3-in-1 Bloom highchair with three unique modes. Suitable from newborn baby up to 36 kg Bloom's range of Fresco Loft products are a preferred option for parents who want a bit more control when it comes to feeding and looking after their babies in their highchairs.
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